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20 More Essential SEO Tips and Techniques

Last week we listed 20 essential SEO tips every business can apply and now we’ll add 20 more SEO tips to that list. Just because we are feeling extra generous around Christmas.

  1. Focus on search phrases, rather than single keywords and don’t forget to put your location in the text – it will help you with local search.
  2. If there are some hard-to-reach places on your site, use deep linking to point visitors to them.
  3. If there are pages which have a consistently high bounce rate, or don’t get any visitors at all, think about improving it to generate visitors.
  4. Create a YouTube account and make sure you are contributing towards it and linking to your site from it.
  5. Pay attention to your social bookmarking tools. If you want your website visitors to like your pages easily make sure you have the right tool for the job and that it doesn’t slow down your web page load speed.
  6. Share others content – have a wide variety of external links, focus on quality. Keep track of interesting sites as well as niche ones which fit what you do.
  7. Add “alt tags” to all your images.
  8. Use some of your keywords in headings and use tags like H1 and H2 etc, Also use bold and italics on keywords and important phrases.
  9. Don’t use underscores in your urls, but dashes. This makes them crawler friendly. So this would work but not this
  10. Redesign your 404 error pages. It makes a good impression on visitors when they come across one and it’s best to use it to redirect them somehow.
  11. Trying to game Google by using CSS to hide content from your visitors that search engines can still index? Seriously…? Don’t do it.
  12. Make sure you monitor your site and you always know when it’s down.
  13. If you link to authoritative sites, Google will rank you better. Just don’t overdo it.
  14. Before you publish any content spell-check and grammar-check it. Always.
  15. Give good names to all your files, such as images, PDFs and web pages. Make the names descriptive – it’s good for both visitors and search engines.
  16. Confirm the authors on your website and your organization as the publisher of the website with Google Plus using rel=”author and rel=”publisher
  17. Don’t ever pay someone who claims to be able to get your website to number one in the search engine results. Ever.
  18. Don’t change your entire website all at once. Make some changes, monitor, improve and repeat.
  19. Did we mention that you should sign up for Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools yet? If we did, this is a good reminder, if we didn’t well shame on us – we should have done. You might also like to look at you site with the free survey at MOZ.
  20. Sign up for our free SEO report, well free if you take us on.

So there you go – your final 20 SEO tips to use immediately. Remember to keep trying, keep improving and keep measuring your site’s results. And if you like this article, feel free to share it using the buttons below. Don’t forget you can get your free SEO report from us.


  1. Louise on 19th December 2013 at 10:36 am

    Point 18 – brilliant idea. Not only will it mean that you are updating your site on a regular basis, leading to people revisiting your site to see what’s new, it also means that google will be aware that your site has been updated recently. Point 9 – underscores and dashes, could you explain further why dashes are preferred?

    • Gavin Aldrich on 19th December 2013 at 3:40 pm

      Hi Louise, Thanks for the feedback and question. The short answer is that you should use a hyphen as Google treats a hyphen as a word separator, but does not treat an underscore that way. Google treats an underscore as a word joiner — so red_sneakers is the same as redsneakers to Google. This has been confirmed directly by Google themselves, including the fact that using dashes over underscores will have a (minor) ranking benefit.

  2. Website Designing Ajmer on 26th December 2013 at 9:49 am

    I agree with all your useful tips for SEO. Thank you so much this. I also want to share one more that Google is using high end technique for analyzing the whole content. But whenever you search for something, Google bold the SEO keywords in the url of the results. It means that Google still giving some importance to SEO friendly urls.Try to add your keyword in the url of your post to get extra credits. First 3 to 4 keywords of url are given most importance so add your keyword in the start.

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