Best of the Week in Digital Marketing (25th – 29th November)

This week Econsultancy compared digital marketing to the simple art of persuasion, dating back to ancient Greece. Or perhaps not that simple: see for yourself. Greeks in Plaid: The Art of Digital Marketing Persuasion And they also explained some cultural differences which have a strong impact on conversion. It’s not just about the content these…

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Defining Your Core Business Values

You may think a business’s sole pursuit is money, but let’s face it – there is a high cost to pay when money is the main goal. People, more than ever, feel that a business needs to have a positive impact on society. And many customers won’t mind paying a higher price if they know…

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My Mouse Ate My Book

mighty mouse in space

Yes, there was a time when the old marketing techniques really did work. A time when we were young, naive and carefree or maybe we were just more gullible. Many marketing campaigns have already been altered to match the needs and methods of post disruption social media, much is just old marketing wrapped up in…

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How to Create a Killer Keyword Strategy

keyword strategy

Looking for the number one starting point in your internet marketing strategy? Start with the keywords. Before we go into further detail, let’s take a look at what a keyword is and what it actually does to help your business get discovered on the web. Keyword Definition – A word or a phrase used by…

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