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Archive for December 2013

Social Media in Numbers – A Look Back at 2013

Facebook has reached 1.15 Billion+ total users With over 10 million Facebook apps and 250 billion photos uploaded every day. That’s a lot of selfies. 23% of users check their account more than 5 times a day. Are you one of them? 74% of marketers believe that Facebook is important for their lead generation. We…

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Season's Greetings

Season’s Greetings from the team at Kyle & Irving. We are closing at 3pm on 23rd December and reopening at 9 am on 2nd January. We will be available for any urgent technical problems and will be monitoring websites 24/7 as usual. In the meantime we hope that you will enjoy all the things the…

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20 More Essential SEO Tips and Techniques

SEO tips accepted

Last week we listed 20 essential SEO tips every business can apply and now we’ll add 20 more SEO tips to that list. Just because we are feeling extra generous around Christmas. Focus on search phrases, rather than single keywords and don’t forget to put your location in the text – it will help you…

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20 Essential SEO Tips and Techniques

Many would say that SEO is changing too rapidly and often in unexpected ways. Keeping track of those changes is a real challenge but we believe that at its core SEO hasn’t changed that much. Quality content has to be at the heart of any SEO strategy. However, there are better tools and techniques for…

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Tweeting in Ignorance

Twitter and Facebook users are being warned about the dangers they are posing when naming and shaming in their tweets and posts. What we are witnessing is the natural progression of social media, as we witnessed years and years ago with publishing laws and an attempt to make contempt of court laws fit for the…

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8 Tips to Defeat Obscurity With a Killer Blog Strategy

Do you believe that your organization has the capacity to become a thought leader? Do you recognise the importance of content publishing to support that goal? Do you have the time and energy to produce quality content and promote it? Do you want to be discovered and praised for the thought leader you are? If…

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