Best of the Week in Digital Marketing (25th – 29th November)

kyle and irving blog digital marketing
This week Econsultancy compared digital marketing to the simple art of persuasion, dating back to ancient Greece. Or perhaps not that simple: see for yourself. Greeks in Plaid: The Art of Digital Marketing Persuasion
kyle and irving blog digital
And they also explained some cultural differences which have a strong impact on conversion. It’s not just about the content these days, it’s how this content is presented and communicated. Eight Cultural Differences that Impact Conversion
kyle and irving digital marketing seth godin blog
Talking about impression and persuasion, we cannot help but share Seth Godin’s contemplation on facial expressions and how the mood of your entire business can show through your website. Another brilliant post! Resting Smiley Face
kyle and irving digital marketing
Personally, we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in the U.K., but we appreciate this great advice from HubSpot. It’s tough explaining what you do to someone who has grown up, graduated and raised a family without social media around. This is a cool way to explain to your mums what inbound marketers actually do. Five Creative Ways Inbound Marketers Can Explain Their Profession to Mom at Thanksgiving
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Last, but not least, here we have a useful update on Google Analytics new features by Social Media Examiner. Every good marketer knows that in order to find out what works out and what doesn’t, they need to measure results. Six New Google Analytics Features for Marketers

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