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  1. Andrew - Mint Online Marketing on 21st November 2013 at 12:34 pm

    ‘Define your audience’ – This is such a vital part to everything.

    How about creating personas of the people who you want to attract? Think job titles, what they want to achieve , age, where they live, what they read, what they do at the weekend, which supermarket they use etc etc.

    This will create a clear picture of who any content is trying to talk to. For example; product descriptions. If your product suits someone who wants a stress free holiday with no hassle and cost is not the main consideration ensure the product description tells people that, how it will do that and the benefits to them of your product. What problem and question your product can solve needs to be the focus of content. Think about the buying cycle. At each stage what questions and problems will your personas have? Give them the answers in content that is ‘evergreen’.

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