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Vincero Design


Gavin Aldrich

Vincero Design
WordPress + PageLines DMS + Woo Commerce

Vincero Design approached us to upgrade their Platform Pro website in order to use DMS. They also wanted to optimise their Woo Commerce store. They had a number of key functions that they required to ensure their customers had a smooth and secure buying experience online. We worked with them to map out the best solution and then set about creating their vision.


The home page has been SEO optimised and each of the links will scroll to more content beneath the fold as well as custom post loop displaying key shop products that can be placed directly in the customers shopping cart. We wanted to make sure that customers could buy products quickly.

After having migrated the old site to our new staging development area we updated the site to DMS as well as all of the plugins the site used. We then set about creating the vision Vincero had for their site.

The flexibility of DMS made it effortless to experiment with ideas and try out different layouts without incurring a large time budget.

There were a number of key customizations, especially for Woo Commerce. We created bespoke plugins for a price threshold that determined the payment gateway to be used. We developed a pathway retailers and distributors to be able to buy in bulk and we modified the reporting functions. We also added a new tab on the account screen for retailers and distributors to be able to download POS materials.

Social Sharing is optimised throughout the site with a lite API call. There were a number We built a custom background slider that can be controlled from within the DMS editor.

Working with Vincero was great, they were incredibly responsive and they also have a great product that is well designed and gets fantastic user feedback. All in all it was a pleasure.


See Vincero Live – link

the team completely overhauled our website at TPS, designing a new website and helping us to develop a social network. Gavin is approachable and a good laugh to work with. He set us up with some brilliant contacts to help expand and showed us how to manage our website long term.
Megan Matthews - The Performance Solution

The sites were delivered to the deadline agreed at the start of the project without any issues whatsoever (a rare occurrence in web delivery).
James Widdowson - Major Travel PLC

I thoroughly recommend them
Jeremy Lazarus - The Lazarus Consultancy

...passing on his wealth of knowledge on marketing concepts in a style that really worked for us! He quickly became an integral part of our team, easy to work with and always going that extra mile...
Di Mabe - Curo Talent

Flexible, pragmatic and successful at finding and implementing innovative ways of creating new business, they have served our business well.
Jill Phillips - JSnlp Ltd

creative and innovative, always coming up with practical solutions. They have helped me improve and manage my website with ease.
Sharon Yamamoto - Artist

I just want to thank you for all the hard work that you provided for our humble temple... the courses are getting full and a lot of people are able to really benefit from them on different levels. Thanks to your work more and more people are able to hear and read about this amazing place...
Piotr Nowak - Five Immortals Temple

Analytical and creative, combining rigour and reason with imagination.
Tony Davis - SEB CIC

Their ideas and instinct have always seemed to come from the cutting edge, they are swift to recognise new ideas ahead of the crowd. Matched with their open and sincere good nature.
Curtis McFee - The Fifth Business

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