Social Media in Numbers – A Look Back at 2013

Facebook has reached 1.15 Billion+ total users
With over 10 million Facebook apps and 250 billion photos uploaded every day. That’s a lot of selfies.
23% of users check their account more than 5 times a day. Are you one of them?
74% of marketers believe that Facebook is important for their lead generation. We have yet to see a potential client find us through Facebook, but we are very patient and determined.

Our Facebook New Year’s Resolution: Introduce more of our clients to Facebook as a lead generation tool.

Twitter has reached 500 Million+ total users.
Adding a “Please RT” in a tweet increases retweets by 28%.
The fastest growing demographic is 55 to 64 year olds.
There are more than 20 million fake accounts.
About 400 million tweets are sent every day. But relax, you don’t have to make up that number all by yourself.
60% of Twitter users access the site from their mobile phone. And we think that way too many say “Goodnight, Twitter” before going to bed.

Our Twitter New Year’s Resolution: Make sure our clients are being discovered on Twitter.

Google+ has reached 340 Million total users.
With 67% of all users being male and 60 % of all users log in every day.
The most engaging type of post is…wait for it…an animated GIF.
The +1 button is hit more than 5 billion times per day. We definitely want to see more of that on our page.
All marketers agree that: they want to learn more about Google+, they want to increase their activity and they aren’t planning to leave it.

Our Google+ New Year’s Resolution: Introduce more female users to the platform and help sort out that ratio.

LinkedIn has reached 230 Million+ total users.
With 1.5 million LinkedIn groups it’s high time we get more active in some of them.
The Company Pages are now over 3 million.
42% of users update their information regularly which reminds us to do so too.
27% of users access LinkedIn on their mobile.

Our LinkedIn New Year’s Resolution: Assist more of our B2B clients in using the platform.

More numbers from 2013:
80% of total pins on Pinterest are repins. Talk about flattery.
Only 6% of all Pinterest users have connected their Facebook accounts. Epic fail.
Instagram gets 1000 comments per second. We believe 99% of those are under celebrities’ photos.
YouTube gets over 1 billion unique monthly visitors. Now that’d be nice to see in Google Analytics.
About 46% of web users check out a social media page before making a purchase.

In 2014 we will look to assist our clients to get discovered more often and see that discovery lead to an enquiry and nurture that enquiry towards a positive outcome. Are you ready to get started?


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