Email is dead. Long live email.

How many times have we heard that email marketing is becoming extinct, that it is soon to be as the Dodo, fondly remembered but definitely dead? As Mark Twain once said and email can proudly say “The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated”. In fact social media and email are a particularly powerful combination.…

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Simply Stunning Email Tips

We have all been there… carefully crafting an email, making sure each sentence is perfectly polished and taking the longest time to come up with the best subject line. Then hitting publish and feeling relieved…yet not for too long, because quite often the email stats aren’t quite up to scratch. Opens, click-throughs and follow-throughs are…

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Web Design Rocks or How to Convert Web Visitors into Leads – Part 2

web design

If you’ve read Part I of our web design principles for better conversion, you already know how important proper navigation, placement and use of colour is. Before we get to some common mistakes there are a few more principles we need to talk about. Consistency: Stay consistent – colours, fonts, style – it should all…

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