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Our Team

Gavin Aldrich

Gavin is creative, energetic and irreverent, and sports over twenty years experience in brand communications, marketing and business development. He’s an expert in devising marketing and communications strategies, and in the implementation of those strategies. He’s worked in a plethora of industries, for companies such as BMW, BP, CNN, the Royal Society of Chemistry, Social Enterprise Berkshire CIC, the Guardian and Shell. This vast array of businesses has benefited from his ability to negotiate, define, direct and deliver briefs, from their initial concept through to completion. His mind is whizzing with creative and profitable ideas that he puts into practice with efficiency. His ability to turn his mind to any industry and produce positive results means his future could lie anywhere. He might one day devise Einstein’s fabled theory of everything, but even if he doesn’t, he’d definitely be able to come up with a better name for it and a detailed, workable marketing strategy.