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The Problem with Facebook

“The problem with Facebook is that it’s keeping things from you” – this is how Derek Muller, YouTube science vlogger, has nailed a major problem which Facebook users may or may not be aware of.

Facebook filters the content your friends and family post and the content the pages you like post. You are left with only a fraction of the daily posted content. Derek points out that if left posts were left unfiltered you would, in theory, be overwhelmed with the huge number of posts on your wall. However, as Facebook is looking to share with you similar content to that you have previously approved of there is the potential for your wall to become an echo chamber – or worse a never ending stream of baby photos! Also Derek surmises that Facebook’s filter is not so much for your convenience but to encourage people to pay to promote content.

Watch the video on YouTube and share your thoughts with us in the comment box. Have you seen a decline in your page’s reach?

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