email marketing

What we can do to help with your eMail Marketing:

People write emails every day, but very few know how to really hook a reader in and generate interest in a product or service. You probably receive marketing emails every day, for everything from dodgy “growth” supplements to panic-inducing “One-day offers” that are “too good to miss.” These bland, unimaginative campaigns make up the vast majority of email marketing, but don’t attract significant results.

Email marketing is a wise investment, but only when it’s handled by a talented and creative company who understand how to effectively convey your message. As always, we’ll use analytical tools to find out how often your emails are opened, and how many of those people clicked the link. We can make sure that you get the most out of your investment.

3d man delivering the mail
Design a template
We design a beautiful email template for you. Each template is optimized for mobiles and every email client.
Add your content
Once we’ve designed the template, the editor makes it easy to add your own text, images, links and content.
A/B Testing
Our A/B testing feature makes it easy to test different subject lines, sender details and different email designs.
Social Sharing
The social sharing feature makes it easy for your subscribers to share your campaigns on Twitter and Facebook.
Autoresponders make it easy to stay in touch with your subscribers without efort.
Inbox Preview
Send free tests to any address you like, or for a small fee see your email as it appears in different email clients like Hotmail and Outlook!

email analyticsInsightful Analytics
Every time you send a campaign you can see real-time reports showing who opened it, what they were interested in, who they shared it with and more.

Opens and Clicks
Who opens your campaigns, when and how many times.
Social Sharing
See which subscribers forwarded your email or shared it on Facebook and Twitter.
Which emails bounced, invalid addresses are automatically removed.
Google Analytics
Built-in integration makes it easy to see what activity and conversions your campaign generated.

Grow your audience
Whether you’re just starting or already have a list, we give you tools to increase your audience.

Subscribe Button
Add a subscribe form to any page on your site. Just copy and paste the code anywhere you like.
Subscribe Forms
Use a simple form builder to create signup forms that you can add to your site and match your design.
Use your iPad
Turn your iPad into a subscribe form that’s perfect at the counter, an event or anywhere people might like to join.