Get the website you want, launched ASAP, without all the palava.

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We are going to get you online and looking great in no time at all with our unique offer.

If you are looking for a self-build, self-managed website solution but have felt lost at sea with the variety of options and opinions out there, this is the perfect set up for you. Everything you need to get online, looking like a million dollars and absolutely NO coding required.

If you are looking for us to build a website for you get in touch our prices start from as low as £69 per month.

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With ten years experience building websites using WordPress we really understand how to get the job done and now we are ready to share that insight with you. We guide you so that you don't have to go through the steep and sometimes painful learning curve. We have laid out a path for you that ensures you avoid all the common errors (and the uncommon ones) usually associated with self-build websites.

Our package is designed to get you online fast. Along with 3 half days training the package includes; blueprint website, premium website builder tools, super fast web hosting, email boxes and more. Everything you need to shine online and create your website, to your specification, and with the price at just £399 it's affordable too.

We run the courses in central Reading reguarly, so there are plenty of opportunities to get started. At the end of the three half days training, you will immediately get access to your own website installation and be able to start customising your website to your preference. The blueprint website is installed with all requirements met; ready-made templates, organised pages, menus and everything is ship shape and ready to sail. All you will need to do is tailor it to your requirements.

As the website is built using WordPress there will be no limitations on how much content you add or the type of content you add, such as; pages, posts, images, videos, podcasts etc. All will be within your grasp and at your fingertips.

We'll get you building like a pro in no time at all


Charity or Voluntary Sector?

We have discounts available to get you started, contact us to find out more

...passing on his wealth of knowledge in a style that really worked for us!

Di Mabe

Our unique 3 half day training course not only shows you how to build the website, it also gives you access to premium tools. These are the most flexible DIY web building tools in the market and over 275,000 websites have been built with them.

This package is designed to make the job of building your website even easier. You will be delighted at how much flexibility you have when creating your pages. You will also be able to use 100s of ready made page templates that have been professionally designed for maximum impact.

On top of that, we share best practice on current UX (user experience), SEO (search engine optimisation), landing pages and more... we want to make sure that you get the best out of your website.


If you register now your registration will include one exclusive additional training hour with Gavin Aldrich via Skype. Do not miss this chance to get hands-on feedback and insight with your website build.

Join the many who have already benefited from our guidance and support.

Self-Build websites are fast-growing but still a relatively new practice. For professionals, it's not uncommon to feel a bit lost. There are so many options and rarely are any as simple as they seem.

Your day-to-day work can be intense and trying to learn new skills can be consuming.

You may have the inclination to build a brand new website but you’re not sure exactly how to get started. As you start planning, you’re often working with limited information.

If this is you, you may be saying to yourself:

“I don’t know what I should be doing.”
“I wish I knew how other companies are approaching these problems.”
“What does a process look like for building a successful website?”
"What are the best tools that let me get the job done?"

Does any of that feel familiar?

If this is you, it’s not your fault you're feeling lost, and you’re not alone. Most professionals struggle with the same challenges. We've been there too.

The good news is that we can answer all these questions (and more).We are going to share with you all you need to know to build your perfect website and give you the fast track to getting online with ease.

It’s time for you to build an incredible website. It’s time for you to enrol in The Kyle & Irving WordPress Website Package.

I thoroughly recommend them

Jeremy Lazarus

Who Is This Package For?

This package is ideal for professionals, charities, self-employed people, freelancers, artists, coaches, consultants, etc. People who are looking to get online without having to spend a fortune or go through the pain and angst of trying to go it alone.

It's an essential package for those completely new to website building and is invaluable to those with some WordPress experience, but wanting to up their skill levels and get access to premium tools that provide the extra edge.

What makes the package so valuable?

We offer frameworks and models for everything that you need to build and manage your website with loads of examples of how to best layout pages and make your site look great. These templates have been designed by professionals. We give you the tools you need to translate your ideas into a working website that will get you online success.

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Charity or Voluntary Sector?

We have discounts available to get you started, contact us to find out more

Your website package will include;

  • Three half days training 
  • One year super fast hosting
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Five email boxes
  • One domain (if required)
  • WordPress installed on your hosting
  • With a blueprint site including:
    • Premium drag & drop page builder
    • Fully responsive premium theme  - look good on any device (mobile/tablet)
    • SEO friendly code
    • Premium contact form
    • Premium social media widget
    • Premium list builder tool
    • Dozens of gorgeous page templates
    • A variety of styles available via the WordPress Customizer
  • Add multiple user accounts
  • Google analytics integration
  • One year premium site and hosting maintenance
  • On our 3 half day training course, you will learn how to build and manage your website without the need to use any coding. We will introduce you to the world's most popular website CMS; WordPress and give you all the information you need on how to make it work for you.
    Worth £450
  • You will gain access to the premium drag and drop page builder and we will train you how to use it.
    Worth £150* 
  • You will gain access to the premium drag and drop contact form and we will train you how to use it.
    Worth £75* 
  • You will be able to use a unique and lightweight social media addon to help increase the reach and exposure of your website.
    Worth £33* 
  • You will be able to grow your contact lists with a flexible premium list builder.
    Worth £33* 
  • You will get one-year hosting with SSL included and 5 email boxes.
    Worth £50 p/year
  • You will get one-year of the premium site and hosting maintenance service.
    Worth £430 p/year
  • One Skype call with Gavin Aldrich for additional training, guidance and website feedback
    Worth £50

Total value of package is worth over £1,100

* This is an annual licence fee that we include as part of your ongoing package.


Some features you can have on your website include:

Unlimited Landing Pages
Unlimited Pages
Unlimited Blog Pages
Online Payments
eCommerce/Online Shops
Online Donations
Membership sites
Social networking
User Login

Newsletter Templates
Subscriptions / Newsletter Signups
Subscriber Management
Questionnaires, Forms & Polls
Applications & Contracts
File Upload
Appointment Booking
Event Calendar
Event Registration

Calls to action
Photo Galleries
Full social media integration
Social Media Links
Sharing Buttons
Sliders & Animations
Custom Icons & Patterns
Bespoke Plugins.

creative and innovative, always coming up with practical solutions. They have helped me improve and manage my website with ease.

Sharon Yamamoto

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Charity or Voluntary Sector?

We have discounts available to get you started, contact us to find out more

Course Format

The course is offered as three half days in central Reading. Each day we walk you through everything, in an easy to digest manner with plenty of practical examples and many opportunities for hands-on experiential involvement. The day starts at 8:30 am and is finished by 1:00 pm.

Day one;

  • WordPress fundamentals
  • General settings
  • Posts, pages and permalinks
  • Menus and media libraries
  • To comment or not to comment and other general settings
  • Headers and footers
  • Image basics and why it's so important
  • Videos and embedding content

Day two;

  • WordPress customizer
  • Typography, presets & accents
  • Layouts & widgets
  • Page builder basics
  • Using templates
  • Adding content to your page
  • Customizing the settings
  • Advanced options

Day three;

  • Widgets revisited
  • Creating your own templates & modules
  • Contact forms
  • Social media
  • Optimising your website
  • What content converts
  • On page SEO
  • How to build lists

By the end of the course, you will have a firm understanding of how to step back and create a successful website from start to finish. 

What's included with your package, the nitty-gritty details of everything, including the tools that will be at your disposal

Help & Support

We're Here for You

We take great pride in offering timely support.

Support Hours

Most questions are answered within a few hours, and we do our best to answer all questions by the next business day. Currently, support is not available on weekends and holidays.

Support Scope

We are happy to address as many 'how do I do X" type enquiries by email. If you need more "hands-on" support we can do Skype support calls and/or log into your website and work with you. Hands-On support is a premium extra not covered by the package and is charged at £20 per 30 minutes (minimum 30 minutes).

We want to work for you, and we'll bend over backwards to make that happen. Even if your problem isn't directly related, we will at least get you pointed in the right direction.

Technical Support

You will have unlimited technical support tickets via email. A technical support ticket would include issues like;

  • my website is not loading
  • the site is down
Page Builder
Included Modules
Web Hosting & Email
Contact Forms
Social Sharing Made Easy
eMail Opt-In And Lead Generation

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After the course, you will be entitled to a one-hour Skype session

  • If you need eCommerce or donations or any kind of online payments... 
  • Or if you need an events calendar with bookable events and front-end submission...
  • Or if you need a members only area or a forum...
  • Or if you need HTML newsletters...
  • Or if you need access to the advanced tools...

Please contact us prior to booking as prices will be different.

Website Training & Premium Tools

  • 3 half days training course
  • One year hosting with SSL included
  • Five email boxes
  • WordPress installed on your hosting with a blueprint site
  • Premium drag & drop page builder & theme
  • Premium contact form
  • Premium social media widget
  • Premium list builder tool
  • One-year premium site and hosting maintenance
  • One hour Skype call
  • Unlimited technical support tickets via email

At the end of the first year, you can make a simple choice, you can either go totally self-managed, still have access to all the premium tools and unlimited technical support tickets or you can continue with our premium hosting and maintenance package.

The self-managed option is £15 p/month
The site and hosting maintenance option is £40 p/month*

*Includes one 20 minute premium request p/month

Therefore, you continue to get access to £350 (p/year) worth of premium website tools, web hosting + emails for as little as £15 p/month.

You do not need to decide now though, you can wait until 30 days before your first year is up to make your decision.

Or should you decide that you would like to go elsewhere, that is no problem at all. The beauty of this is that if ever you decide you want to leave us, we can give you an export of all your content that you can import into any WordPress website. Of course, all the premium add-ons will be deactivated, most importantly all your content will be intact and reusable.

The Commitment

Abandoned, failed or poorly executed websites cost people money in wasted time and resources. This package is only £399 and will set you up for long-term success.

This course is provided in an easy to grasp manner, if you are serious about advancing your online presence and taking control of the means to do that, then this course is for you.

If you would prefer to have us build the website for you, we can do that, we offer simple packages that get you online from as little as £69 p/mth get in touch to find out the details.


Our guarantee to you is that: We use open source solutions and if for whatever reason, you’re not happy you can transfer your site to a new web host and import all your content into a WordPress installation. Anybody else can pick up where we left off with no problems. It’s open source, so you aren’t at the mercy of programmers and their individualised, impenetrable code.

We want the reason you stay with us to be because of our quality, not because we’ve trapped you. Trapping people isn’t how you make friends. And all of our packages are structured so that you can opt out without complication.

Ready to book your place?

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 Frequently Asked Questions

When can I take this course?
Courses are currently run every two months and take place in central Reading.

How long do I have access to the website and premium tools?
At the end of the first year, you can make a simple choice, you can either go totally self-managed, still, have access to all the premium tools and unlimited technical support tickets or you can continue with our premium hosting and maintenance package.

The self-managed option is £15 p/month
With site and hosting maintenance, the option is £40 p/month

What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, speak to us during the course and we will give you a full refund. We've never had a cancellation but hey, it might happen one day.

Who is this package for?
Self-employed people, freelancers, consultants, charities, small businesses, start-ups and anyone who wants to get online and shine.

Am I ready to get this package?
Yes, what’s stopping you? Email us at and we’ll be honest if we think you should wait to take the course.

What if I have to miss the course for a work engagement?
That's fine! We will just reschedule you onto the next course.

How much of a commitment is this?
The course days are scheduled to start early and finish just after lunch, this has been done so as to allow attendees time to attend to important work matters. Once the course is finished you get access to your blueprint website, with all the tools ready for you to start building yur website.

We highly recommend that you log in and play around as soon as possible, perhaps plan to spend at least an hour a day on your website. You could be finished in as little as a couple of days. We provide you with the website on your domain and in maintenance mode, this means you can safely experiment until you are ready to release your creation to the world.

How much of a commitment is this (part 2)?
This package is designed to get you online as quickly as possible and put you in the driving seat so that you can manage your web assets to get the best results for you. Once the course is finished you access your website on your hosting and get your professional emails. At the end of the first year, you can then choose to either take advantage of the self-managed offer or the premium site & hosting maintenance offer. Both are competitively priced against the likes of Squarespace and Wix. Either will keep you online with access to all the tools. We will take care of updating the premium tools for you as part of the deal and we are always on hand to provide guidance and advice as required. However, you can cancel and take your content with you at any time.

Can I take the tools?
For as long as you are with us you can use all of the premium tools. If you would like to leave and go elsewhere we can export all of your content but you will not be able to take the premium tools. They are provided for your use using our licence and this is non-transferable. You will be able to get your own tools if you do decide to leave. Unlikely, we think.

Well done for getting this far down the page

If you have any questions or would like to clarify anything schedule a quick call with Gavin to discuss the package.

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”