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How we can help with SEO:

Keyword Research
SEO revolves around keywords. The few words that somebody types into a search engine are matched up to the most suitable websites and they are displayed first. If you don’t know what people search for when they’re looking for a company like yours, you won’t be able to incorporate the keywords and you won’t place well in the results. We research your industry, find out what people are searching for and identify the key terms you need to focus on to be successful. Keyword research is a vital stepping stone on your way to exceptional SEO and the hugely increased custom it brings.
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Onpage and Offpage Optimisation
Once we’ve identified the most important keywords for your website, it’s time to sprinkle them all over your website, like toppings on the pizza of profit. Your website needs to be optimised both on the page and off the page to do the best on search engines. Our tech experts and SEO masterminds get to work on your site and tune it up to get you the highest search engine placement. Higher placement means increased traffic, and increased traffic means increased profits.
It’s all very well and good identifying the most suitable terms and distributing them throughout your website, but you need to know how well it’s working. We use professional tools to analyse the effectiveness of our SEO campaigns, and use that data to tweak our strategy so you keep climbing up the search results. One of the best things about SEO (and online marketing altogether) is that you can objectively measure how well it’s working. You will see real, verifiable results from our SEO campaign, and because we apply the lessons learned from our analysis, your traffic will continually increase.
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Get Your Free Report!
We can also use our analytical tools to evaluate your website’s current SEO effectiveness and provide you with a report. You’ll learn how well your website is optimised and therefore the key areas you have to improve upon. This report is absolutely free if you decide to use our service to improve your search engine placement or any of our other recommendations, otherwise you’ll be charged our normal fee. It gives you a clear, results-focused analysis of your current website, which we can then use to increase opportunities for your organisation. [pl_button type=”kyle” size=”large” link=”/get-in-touch/get-your-seo-report/” ]Get your report [/pl_button]