who we are

We use our wide-ranging expertise to create marketing that works.

We produce work that is consistent, tangible and with measurable results. Our future is bright, and we’re marching into it with a strong work ethic and a healthy optimism.
Our success comes down to three simple things:

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Our People
  • We have the skills and experience needed to produce the results.
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Our Methodology
  • We ensure quality for a reasonable price by using a methodical approach.
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Our Philosophy
  • We put the customer first, our entire service is based around exceeding their expectations.
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We’re on a mission:
  • We aim to be the digital marketing partner of choice, known for making your customers go “Aha!”


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and to achieve this, we will always:
  • Be creative & open minded
  • Be transparent & diligent
  • Enjoy the challenge and have fun
  • Strive to to achieve more with less
  • To always go the extra mile


Kyle & Irving is a young company, formed in the summer of 2009 with the backing of 30 years experience in marketing, business development, design and communication. We’ve worked extensively as consultants and in-house staff at the coalface, and that experience has given us the skill it takes to produce exceptional work which creates measureable results for our clients. We are based in Reading in the Thames Valley, most of our clients hail from the South East to the South West of England, from Colchester to Torquay, via London, Henley and Bath. However, borders are meaningless to us, as we have clients in the USA, France, Italy and Spain. Lets face it some of our team work remotely from overseas. In our short history as a company, we’ve already worked with the Bath Area Drugs Advisory Service, The Guide Dogs, The Prince’s Trust and a multitude of other companies.

We’re equally adept at completing whole projects and working on specific elements of a larger job. We’re committed to our customers, so no matter how big or small the job is, or whether we’re working alongside others or alone, we always provide the best and most cost effective solutions. Helping our clients fulfil their goals is our goal, and we are absolutely dedicated to it.

[pl_blockquote pull=”right” cite=”Megan Matthews”]”the team completely overhauled our marketing strategy at TPS, designing a new website, new advertising materials, and helping us to develop a social network. Gavin is approachable and a good laugh to work with. He set us up with some brilliant contacts to help expand and taught us how to manage our marketing strategy long term.[/pl_blockquote]

The Team

Kyle & Irving was founded by Gavin

GavinGavin is creative, energetic and irreverent, and sports over twenty years experience in brand communications, marketing and business development. He’s an expert in devising marketing and communications strategies, and in the implementation of those strategies. He’s worked for companies such as BMW, BP, CNN, Social Enterprise Berkshire CIC and the Guardian. He has a keen ability to negotiate, define, direct and deliver briefs, from concept through to completion. His mind is whizzing with creative ideas that he puts into practice with efficiency. His ability to turn his mind to any industry and produce results means his future could lie anywhere. He might one day devise Einstein’s fabled theory of everything, but even if he doesn’t, he’d definitely be able to come up with a better name for it. 

Thầng – Developer

ThangThầng knows his code. He’s developed a multitude of websites through his expertise in PHP, MySql, HTML5, CSS3, and jQuery. Thầng is a master of content managements systems such as WordPress. With over a decade’s experience in the field, he has the sheer breadth of knowledge to be a true all-rounder. His work in the past has involved troubleshooting existing applications and developing robust, effective tools and applications from scratch. His history of happy clients speaks volumes for his vocational ability, but there’s one thing he’s been working on for a while: women. Don’t worry: he’s developing some code for it. We’re pretty sure that’s how romance is supposed to work.

Kate – Web Designer

KateKate is our creative and hardworking web designer. For more than a decade she has been helping companies transfer their ideas from whiteboards and sticky notes to perfectly developed products. Her experience ranges from user interface, UX and interaction design to strategic development and social applications. A fluent user of HTML, JavaScript, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, InDesign and Adobe Photoshop, Kate is also an active member in the web community, who enjoys attending conferences and seminars. Kate is an art lover and can often be found staring at centuries-old “design” in galleries after working hours.

Teddy – Digital Marketing Manager

TeddyTeddy is the newest member of the team at Kyle & Irving. She manages the clients’ accounts and all their digital marketing needs. She also writes blog articles and press releases. Teddy started working as a content writer and copywriter in 2009 and has an impressive portfolio of web content on a multitude of topics. She is an avid reader and blogger and keeps track of social media trends, news and tools. A bilingual with an English degree, Teddy is also our Grammar Police, so if you spot any mistakes be sure to email her. Teddy also has experience with: keyword research and SEO, project management, sourcing content and promotion. Her favourite social media channel is Facebook and she has the habit of turning two cups of latte into web content.

Lee – Writer

LeeLee is an expert in all things linguistic. He’s been writing since 2005, and his diverse portfolio has driven him to consistently pick up new skills and master new forms of writing. He has experience with flyers, sales letters, web content, blogging, news writing, article writing and SEO, and he is comfortable writing in virtually any medium. He can work from any brief, has an innate understanding of what’s required for each project and delivers compelling, well-constructed content every time. Words have the power to persuade, entertain, inform, excite and enthral, provided they are composed with precision, drawn from a rich vocabulary and presented in an easily digestible format. Lee approaches every project with pizza, enthusiasm and professionalism. He always injects a sizeable dose of flair into his work, we hope he doesn’t need to see a doctor about that.

Ryan – Web Hosting Admin

RyanRyan keeps our websites running and safe from harm. He has over 10 years’ experience as a web hosting admin, specialising in WordPress websites. He has experience working with Unix/Linux systems and administers both Windows and Linux networks. He also helped numerous clients migrate their websites and applications over to us. Ryan is a natural problem-solver, with a proven track record of delivering scalable and cost-effective solutions. Ryan is powered by world famous energy drinks.