We use our wide-ranging expertise to create websites that work.

We produce work that is consistent, tangible and with measurable results. Our future is bright, and we’re marching into it with a strong work ethic and a healthy optimism.

Our success comes down to three simple things:

Our People

We have the skills and experience needed to produce the results.

Our Methodology

We ensure quality for a reasonable price by using a methodical approach.

Our Philosophy

We put the customer first, our aim is to exceed expectations.

We will always:
  • Be creative & open minded
  • Be transparent & diligent
  • Enjoy the challenge and have fun
  • Strive to achieve more with less
  • Go the extra mile
Kyle & Irving was formed in the summer of 2009 by Gavin Aldrich with the backing of 30 years experience in marketing, business development, design and communication. We’ve worked as consultants and in-house staff, this experience has given us the skills needed to produce exceptional work that achieves measurable results