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Archive for January 2014

The Fake London Tube Signs That Made Us Laugh

If you happen to be travelling on the London tube these days, you may notice something peculiar – some pretty hilarious signs that just sound to good to be true. It’s because they are not. Check them out here. Don’t you think they make commuting so much better though? We have many favourites, todays one…

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Can You Become a Pro at Business Storytelling?

As part of our business series, we’ve decided to take a closer look at one of the most essential parts, namely how to tell your business story effectively. Want to make people tick? Tell them a great story and tell it well. We are all storytellers and we all imagine our lives within the course…

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10 Online Lead Generation Techniques That Really Work Very Well

Like traditional lead generation, online lead generation is founded on demonstrating expertise and building trusting relationships. While online marketing continues to evolve, here are ten proven lead generation techniques that work for small and medium-sized businesses as well as for charities and organisations in the third sector. 1. Lead Generating Website Most websites are not…

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Best of the Week in Digital Marketing (20th – 24th January)

This week Econsultancy shares with us how the top 100 brands use Twitter and what works for them. The verdict? You need to engage with followers in a personalised matter. Other tips to follow include: tweeting links to great content, adding an image link to your message and overall being entertaining and timely. As to…

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Unlocking Your Business Superpowers

or How to Write an Elevator Pitch Your Business Deserves Last week we talked about discovering business goals and turning them into a winning business plan and we also agreed that business plans today are way too full of jargon which is neither inspiring, nor compelling. And if the business plan is boring, there is…

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The Problem with Facebook

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“The problem with Facebook is that it’s keeping things from you” – this is how Derek Muller, YouTube science vlogger, has nailed a major problem which Facebook users may or may not be aware of. Facebook filters the content your friends and family post and the content the pages you like post. You are left…

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How to Set Your Business Goals the S.M.A.R.T. Way

Business goals – so needed and at times so hard to write or at least nail down. Have you ever felt that business plans are way too jargonized and bland? That is often due to tradition. A big business may indeed feel the need to comply with legal and financial jargon for their business plans,…

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Content Marketing Trends to Watch For in 2014

According to Seth Godin content marketing is the only real marketing left. Whether you agree with that statement or not, it’s a great idea to have content as part of your marketing mix. Every good marketer knows that words, imagery and video are powerful tools for building long-lasting relationships with prospects and securing a stable…

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It was (nearly) a 100 years ago today

We’d like to share with you this incredible colour footage of London in the 1920s, by the British Film Association. The footage was shot by Claude Frisse-Greene, an early British film pioneer, who shot a series of travelogues (travel documentaries), implementing the colour process his father, William, experimented with. The result – a beautiful dusty…

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