It’s All About the Speed or Why You Should Trust a Content Delivery Network


We are a digital marketing agency that builds websites on WordPress and one of our major concerns is making sure our clients are happy with our work. This means that each and every website we build has to load quickly and display its content properly.

With regards to optimising page loads and making sure that sites loaded quickly we tried a few content delivery network companies, but for one reason or another they didn’t work for us. Since we don’t like to name and shame we’re just going to say that we found a provider that has completely won us over.

 What we wanted was great website speed. Why? Because first impressions matter a lot and web visitors can be too impatient to waste time waiting. We have always wanted to make sure we build not only beautiful, but functional websites that are user-friendly. A page that doesn’t load fast enough can be too risky for any business. It’s important to mention that search engine rankings also takes speed into consideration.

 A website that is not optimised and loads too slowly could naturally lose rankings in search results, which can lead to losing customers too. If you have a WordPress website there are a few simple steps for improving its speed. Make sure you use a minimum of WordPress plugins and delete spam comments. Also, you need to optimize your database and images. A proper hosting provider is an important factor for website speed too. Add to that a content delivery network (CDN) and you ensure a faster loading speed.

 With a CDN your content, images, CSS and JavaScript are served from a location which is the closest to the website visitor. For example, if a visitor in the USA attempts to open your U.K. website, a CDN will deliver the content from a U.S. server. The server has a copy of your website content and this way the physical distance isn’t affecting the speed. It doesn’t matter where your visitors are – the speed will ensure better conversion, higher search rankings and ultimately happier users.

Our CDN provider of choice is MaxCDN and they have over 14,000 businesses which trust their services. It didn’t take us long to see why. It took about  5 minutes to set it up, it’s easy to control and the support is 24/7 and good.

 We believe that using a CDN makes a big difference. If you’d like to give it a try too, why not click on this link* and get a 25% discount?  If your website speed doesn’t increase during the first month, you will get a full refund.

PS: Not only are you getting a 25% discount, we are getting free bandwidth – its a win win.
PPS: We wouldn’t write the article if we didn’t believe the service was good enough and the bandwidth was worth having.

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