The 10 Commandments of Content Marketing


1. Thou Shalt Keep Thy Content Relevant Let’s get one thing straight – the goal of content marketing is not to sell. Well, OK, that is not strictly speaking true, the ultimate goal of content marketing is to sell – to attract more leads and convert those leads into enquiries that then becomes new business…

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Stop Hiding and Get Your Web Content Discovered – Part 2

In part 1 of our article we talked about how to make sure your web content gets discovered and how to improve your search engine ranking. We also talked about the importance of identifying your audience, having good links and creating a SEO-friendly website. However, we all know that these are just a few of…

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The Social Media Bible for Newbies in 15 Steps

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Social media marketing has never been more powerful than right now. A business that doesn’t understand the significance of social media is missing out on the fantastic opportunities that it offers them. We’ve gathered some of the essential social media marketing steps in the following guide to help you get started. Do let us know…

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