Secret 52: Selling etiquette

As part of our new guest blogging series, we have invited Matt Bird, international keynote speaker and leadership development consultant, to share some more experience about becoming a niche expert and how taking risks makes a big difference when building good relationships.

People buy you before they buy your product. Your personal likability, knowability and trustability are vital players in the buying process. Your product may be the best on the market, but if people don’t like, know and trust you they won’t buy. And if you’re in a service-based business these influences are even more accentuated.

So how do you sell yourself effectively? There are three approaches to authentic selling:

  • The straight sell

Be up front and explain that you’ve an “opportunity” you would like to discuss. Once you have presented the opportunity and discussed it you are free to try and close a sale.

  • The subtle sell

Be intentional and relaxed about mentioning the story of one of your current client assignments. It is critical this is understood as simply a story and not a pitch. You may well be asked questions, however if you are not, move on.

  • The no-sell sell

Be completely yourself in building a non-transactional relationship. Talk about business in a natural way. If there is a time when your product or service is relevant you will be asked more about it.

It is of critical importance in selling etiquette that both motivation and expectations are completely transparent.

Each of the approaches above has 100% integrity.

ACTION: What kind of salesperson are you? The chances are that one of the above will be a favourite, but don’t let that stop you from trying the other two. Have a go at experimenting with different techniques.

Relationology SecretsMatt Bird helps leaders and organisations build the relationships needed to achieve greater success. He is the creator of Relationology and works as a keynote speaker, trainer and coach specialising in new business development and client relationships. This blog is an extract from his new book ‘Relationology – 101 Secrets to grow your business through the power of relationships’ available now from Amazon.

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